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More Profits Less Work
 Complete Full Charge Bookkeeping services in the Las Vegas & Henderson Area. Fully tailored for your business needs


An Accounting System that gives you


For any company that wants to Reduce taxes,
Improve cash flow, and
Manage the business more profitably

A system you do yourself!
A system we can do for you!
A system we can do together!

We train you to use a system exclusively designed for your business
We can do your complete books at a cost so low it will amaze you -

Remember the accounting system is designed exclusively for your specific business


Wholesale / Retail / Service
Have complete control systems to cover Accounts Receivable, Payables, and Inventory Control.

TV / Automotive / Furniture
Proper accounting for Contracts in Transit, Bank Reserve Accounts, and Flooring (inventory financing) of products for resale. Keep fingertip control of income and expenses.

Control Raw Materials, Direct Labor, Work in Progress, and Finished Goods. Keep expenses categorized into Manufacturing and General Overhead areas.

Have constant control of profits or losses on each job in progress. Keep control of cash flow based on percentages of completion. Eliminate losses from under-billings created through change orders.

Control expenses and income for year end savings. Take advantage of conversion from cash to accrual accounting. Keep on top of all accounts receivable by improving collections.

Food / Cafe / Beauty
Utilize a combination of Cash to Accrual statements. Have a low cost-quick information - easily maintained accounting system


Keep Yourself and Your Personnel
Working Toward Sales and Profits
-- Not Bookkeeping! --

Enjoy an accounting system designed specifically for your business that shows where you stand at all times. Have simplified books that maintain it all.

Cash Receipts
Charge Accounts
Credit Purchases
Cash Purchases
Bank Reconciliation
Adjusting Entries
Inventory Control
Income Statements
Balance Sheets
Individual Accounts Receivable Records
Individual Accounts Payable Records
Payroll Journal
Individual Payroll Records
Property, Plant and Equipment Records

- Easy to Use -
- Easy to Control -
- Fully Computerized Systems -



Your accounting system will be tailored to your business. You can do it, I can do it, or we can do it together.
Your bookkeeping / accounting costs will be reduced substantially.
Your personnel will be free to produce more profits for you.
We can help you acquire financing, investors, or other needed cash for your business.
We can provide, or help you provide, properly designed financial statements that will improve your control and business image.
We have hand-posted or computerized programs designed for your business immediately available.

Consider this . . . the average small business owner spends over 10 hours personally each month in accounting for the business. If your average billing rate is $50 per hour, or more, you are spending more than $500 per month of your precious time and probably not getting the results you really want. I can eliminate that task, for a fraction of the cost, giving you more time for your work or leisure.

It Makes ˘ents!

Which of the following describes your business?

Steady and stable

Growing fast

Hanging in there

Brand new

If your business is steady and stable or growing fast, congratulations! But is it possible that you could be doing better, and making more profits?

If you're just hanging in there, you can turn things around ... fast!

If your business is brand new, don't make the expensive mistakes that can be the difference between success and failure!

No matter which of these groups describes your business, you can benefit from our small business service that can make you money and at the same time, save you money in many ways that could astound you!



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Last modified: 10/03/03